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Studies show that employing a higher percentage of women in senior management roles can provide significant economic value to a business.


Discover and Unleash the Hidden Talent in Your Organization – Women!

> Is turnover of women in your organization higher?
> Are you experiencing a lower representation of women in leadership positions?
> Can your key decisions benefit from more thought diversity?
> Are your employee or customer bases more diverse than your leadership team?
> Do women score lower in your employee satisfaction metrics?

WILLO LLC is dedicated to improving the performance of companies by promoting thought diversity, lowering turnover and enhancing employee engagement by tapping into the potential of their women.

Our operating philosophy is that initiatives to recruit, develop and advance women must be tied to business imperatives. We promote linkage to overall company strategy and goals. Based on our experience, critical success factors are as follows:

> Visible commitment of senior leadership
> Solutions that are integrated with a company’s operating practices
> Initiatives that address your company’s unique challenges for women
> Involvement of both men and women
> Resources dedicated to drive results
> Specifically defined goals and metrics

WILLO is driven by the ideal that success comes from creating a culture that recognizes the advantages of diversity and provides opportunities for all. It is this type of progressive thinking that allows companies to forge ahead of competition and gain market share.

Founders, Nancy Droesch and Karen Miller, have over 70 years of combined experience in the business world culminating in senior leadership roles at large companies. Throughout their careers, both Nancy and Karen have created countless opportunities for women through impactful business initiatives. Their many accomplishments in promoting diversity in the business world speak for themselves.

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