No matter where an organization is in its evolution of promoting gender diversity and inclusion in its leadership teams, we can provide gender diversity consulting, experience-based leadership training, and individual coaching that take its efforts to the next level.

Gender Diversity Consulting

We can assist your organization in discovering the root causes of higher turnover of women or lower representation of women in leadership positions through focus groups, surveys and interviews.  We will work with you to develop solutions that foster an inclusive environment customized to address the specific root causes that challenge your organization. Typical solutions include:

> Leadership training
> Mentoring / sponsorship programs
> Changes in talent management practices to promote leadership diversity
> Formation of/enhancements to Women Affinity Groups

We can also provide project management support for your initiatives.

Individual Coaching

The WILLO approach to individual coaching is to draw upon not only our experience in leadership roles and mentoring but also current research and data around issues.  We will work with you to determine your goals for the sessions and develop plans to accomplish them.  The objective is for you to find your own authentic way to deal with your challenges and achieve your career aspirations.  We will help you look at issues in new ways so that you can develop effective and creative strategies.  At each session, we explore what you learned from putting your strategies into action, make adjustments as necessary and determine what the next steps will be.

Facilitated Peer Coaching Series

The WILLO Facilitated Peer Coaching Series for Women combines the benefit of executive coaching and peer support through a series of six workshops designed for eight to twelve rising female leaders.  Each two-hour session is built around a skill or leadership attribute where the WILLO Coach presents the best practices and thought leadership.  Participants discuss and evaluate how they can improve their own performance and set individual goals for how they will adopt new insights or practice new skills before the next session.  At the beginning of each session, participants are invited to share their experiences in achieving their goals.  This reinforces the lessons learned, promotes accountability and provides an opportunity to celebrate successes. Example topics of the sessions include:

> Discovering Your Career Aspirations
> Putting Your Best Foot Forward – Branding
> Deciphering Gender Differences in Communication Styles
> Finding and Using Mentors
> Negotiating for Career Success

We can tailor a Facilitated Peer Coaching Series for your organization’s rising leaders.  If you would like to learn more information, contact WILLO.

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