No matter where an organization is in its evolution of the development and advancement of women leaders, we can provide gender diversity consulting, individual coaching and leadership training that take its efforts to the next level.

Identify Root Causes to Challenges

We can assist your organization in discovering the root causes of higher turnover of women or lower representation of women in leadership positions through diagnostic techniques such as:

> Focus groups
> Surveys
> Data analytics
> Individual interviews

Facilitate Strategic Planning

We can guide you through the process of establishing or enhancing your initiative for the advancement and retention of women that specifically addresses identified challenges by:

> Determining the most effective organizational design for the initiative
     • Oversight
     • Planning and execution
     • Decentralized versus centralized
> Establishing how goals and related metrics will be developed and linked to business performance
> Defining the process for allocating resources and budgets
> Planning the roll-out to multiple locations

Our strategic planning begins by laying the groundwork for identifying individuals to lead the initiatives, launching your company’s communication of the initiatives, and establishing short-term goals.

Design and Implement Programs

We design and implement programs to address the specific challenges your company faces. Typical programs include:

> Leadership training
> Mentoring / sponsorship programs
> Changes in talent management practices to promote leadership diversity

We can also provide project management support for your initiatives.

Monitor Progress

We help organizations establish benchmarks and assess progress toward agreed upon goals. Longer term metrics could include a percentage of women promoted and in leadership roles and turnover statistics. More immediate measurements could include the results of employee engagement surveys.

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